About us

We aim to increase the safety of urban cyclists through good engineering and elegant design.

VENILU is an environmentally conscious Belgian brand that emphasizes healthy, cheap and environmentally sustainable transportation, as well as the safety, style and comfort of its users.

VENILU can offer you its e-bikes, as well as some innovative accessories that will make your life as a cyclist a bit easier.

Our main objective is to reduce pollution and traffic in city centers and to improve the cycling experience and road safety of our customers. To this end, we develop eco-friendly products to encourage as many people as possible to use a bike instead of a car and thus take better care of our planet.

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VENILU was born out of a feeling of weariness of its founders. They were tired of having to choose every day between spending hours in traffic jams in order to find no parking space and having to hurry to catch a train or bus connection in order to arrive late anyway. Bicycles turned out to be the best option, but they still presented major disadvantages, such as the lack of safety and the effort needed for cycling.

So we decided to solve these problems! All our products are designed to make everyday transportation easier and safer. Our aim is to make sure inner-city mobility is no longer a problem, but a source of pleasure!