The lightest and most powerful E-bike on the market.


Ultra revolutionnary

The removable battery located under the seat provides an unprecedented stability to your bike. Easy to unplug, remove it at any time to recharge or to prevent theft. A 2H30 charge will make your battery capable of riding up to 50 km.


Ultra Powerful

Created for commuting to work, to school or simply to enjoy cycling the Venilu models have the longest autonomy ever seen on an electric bike. Our modern technology dispose of 6 levels of assistance for a smooth and effortless ride. Our batteries allows you to ride everyday without worrying about charging all the time.


Ultra Secure

Safety is one of our biggest concerns, and when riding a bike it is very important to be seen. That is why Venilu integrates a rear LED light and a front Led flashlight for you to be seen at all circumstances at all times. For even more visibility, check the "Venilu riding vest" that combines a LED light vest with all the lighting functions you will need to be seen while riding.

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